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More Closure Information

Although there are many Doctors treating vein disease in Hawaii, some of which are mentioned below, Dr. Ly is the only Maui doctor offering the new advanced, less painful, less evasive, Varicose Vein removal procedure from VNUS called "Closure."
The cost of this treatment is often covered by medical insurance and patients are usually back to normal activity by the next day
Dr. S. Kalani Brady, MD
Straub Clinic & Hospital
Dr. Michael T. Caps, MD
Kaiser Permanente Clinic
Dr. Gregory Caputy MD
Aesthetica Plastic And Laser Surgery Center
Dr. John Chen MD
Kaiser Permanente Clinic
Dr. Eric Chung MD
Queen's Medical Center
Dr. Woodrow Wooyoung Chung MD
Hawaii Vein Institute
LTC Dr.Thomas K. Curry MD
Tripler Army Medical Center
Dr. Collin Dang MD
Cardiothoracic Associates Of HI
Dr. Robert Gilmore MD
Straub Clinic and Hospital
Dr. Mark Grattan MD
Straub Clinic and Hospital
Dr. James Grieg MD
Greig & Mah MDs
Dr. Russell Harada MD
Vascular Surgeon
Dr. Curtis B. Kamida MD
Straub Hospital & Clinic
Dr. Darcy Kessler RVT
Straub Foundation
Dr. Jeffrey Lau MD
Vascular Surgeon
Dr. Raymond Lee MD
Nakamoto & Lee MDs
Dr. Henry Louie MD
Cardiothoracic Associates of HI
Dr.Nicholas Nelkin
Vascular Surgeon
Kaiser Permanente Clinic
Dr. R. Randolph Waterford,
Waterford Vein Institute of Hawaii
Pacific Rim Cardiovascular
Dr. Sergio Lugo
Tasaki & Lugo MDs
Dr. Fedor Lurie, MD, PhD
Kistner Vein Clinic
Dr. Robert L. Kistner, M.D.
Kistner Vein Clinic
Dr. Elna M. Masuda MD,
Straub Clinic and Hospital
Dr. Paul Morris MD
Vascular Surgeon
Dr. Ming Peng MD
Hawaii Radiologic Associates, Ltd
Dr. Nicolas A. Nelken, MD
Kaiser Permanente Clinic
Dr. Felix Song, MD
Kaiser Permanente, Straub H&C,
Tripler Med Ctr
Dr. Dean Sato MD
Straub Clinic and Hospital
Dr. Peter A. Schneider, MD
Kaiser Permanente Clinic
Hilo Oral and Facial Surgery, Inc.
North Hawaii Oral and Facial Surgery, LLC
North Hawaii Medical Spa
Hawaii Facial Cosmetic Surgery Specialists
Dr. Harvey Takaki MD
Vascular Surgeon
Dr. Theodore Teruya MD
Surgical Associates
Dr. Brian Watanabe MD
Tasaki and Lugo MDs
Dr. James Wong MD
Straub Clinic and Hospital
Dr. Jeffrey Wu MD
Kaiser Permanente Clinic
Pacific Endovascular Hawaii
Northcoast Surgical Specialists
Eureka, CA,
Bailey Cosmetic Surgery & Vein Centré
Bailey Vein Center
Colin E. Bailey, MD, FAC
Dr. Randall Juleff, MD, FAC
Kamuela, HI
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Safety Summary

As with any medical intervention, potential risks and complications exist with the Closure procedure. Please consult Dr Ly to receive further information.

The Closure System is intended for endovascular coagulation of blood vessels in patients with superficial venous reflux. It is contraindicated in patients with thrombus in the vein segment to be treated.

Potential complications include, but are not limited to, vessel perforation, thrombosis, pulmonary embolism, phlebitis, hematoma, infection, paresthesia, skin burn.

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